First (complain) post!


My first post on blogging platform ever!
Writing since I was in junior high school, building this site since February 2016. But officially publish the first post today!hooray to the procrastination!

Unfortunately, I am going to begin my first post with a complain. I have been observing some blogs made by friends of mine. Many of them are using either blogger or wordpress. After some research, I finally decided to create mine with wordpress. I am in love with the template they provided.

However, as I started building my site, I am facing difficulties. lol!
When I clicked one button, it opens new tab. (In which, I have no clue at all, where does it link to). Sometimes, when I revised something, the status was updated. But the next time I check the page, it showed the older version. I mostly spend time to generate some trial-and-error post to check if it is already according to my expectation.

I personally think, the platform is not amateur friendly. Well, It could be my fault as well, for not trying the basic of blogging. :p

They say ‘beauty is pain’.
I still love the output anyway.

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