Movie, Book, Show and Place August 2019 Review

Half of the year 2019 already passed swiftly. Year 2019 has been fruitful to me so far (second best after 2015). A lot of things have changed, achieved and some are still on progress. Many good movies, books, places, arts that improve my mind and soul. I decided to record some of them that I hope becomes someone else’s inspiration for reading, watching or doing.


Jakob Cedergren in Den skyldige (2018)

I watched this movie on European on Screen. It is an annual film festival that plays European Movies. We watched Transit, The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, Omnipresent, Mademoiselle Paradis, Cold War, The Guilty and Sami Blood. I love most of them, but the one made me flabbergasted: The Guilty. The movie is about a man working in emergency call suddenly received suspicious call from a woman who is apparently being kidnapped. The man has to make meticulous decision and action in order to rescue the woman. The movie only has few actors, that some of them appear only as a voice. The size of the movie studio I supposed not bigger than 120 meter square. Only few ordinary properties used for the movie such as telephone, computer and working desk. But this minimalist performance successfully brought the audience into a thrilling imagination, allows viewer to focus on their powerful conversation that lead to unexpected plot twist.


Image result for Meltdown: Why Our Systems Fail and What We Can Do About it

I found this book is an important book to improve your career. Whether you are an engineer, businessman, teacher, pilot, reporter, doctor, or even a housewife, this book shows many kind of errors that could impact failure in business, trust and even relationship. The book started with some biggest disasters like Three Mile Island nuclear accident, Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill to minor disaster like Moonlight and La La Land Oscar embarrassing moment. You might not expect, a small action can cause a huge disasters such as million dollar worth business loss or hundred deaths and injuries. In this book, we learn what we can do to improve and minimize the possible errors.


WhatsApp Image 2019-07-29 at 3.30.50 PM

Cirque du Soleil is my favorite Circus Company. I have previously watched Kooza, Totema, Allegria and Corteo. I just recently watched Kurios and it becomes my new favorite. Kurios will invite you time travelling to the past where amazing inventors like Thomas Alva Edison glory! I recognize how Cirque du Soleil normally contains about 7 to 8 different performances, sometimes the performances have similar concept with the other series, so it is predictable. Fortunately, Kurios brought new and fresh performances that make your heart throbbing with excitement. You’ll meet Yo-Yos the yo-yo master who can generate various strings to roll the yo-yo without stopping, Rola Bola who can balance in the tube while swinging, Theater of hands where you’ll be entertained with hand as a puppet.  The steampunk elements on the costume and decoration will satisfy your eyes, your ears and your hearts!In case you want to see their next performance nearby from your location, just check on their official site.


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If you like to travel and looking for a country where has exotic landscapes, delicate foods, interesting history and beautiful arts, try a two-weeks escape to Turkey. Located between European and Asian continents, Turkey possesses both cultures. When you decided to go to Turkey, visit Capadoccia and ride their famous hot-air balloon during sunrise. You’ll get most unforgettable life-time experience! You can check on this following hot-air balloon company which me and my boyfriend booked. Their safety and services are satisfying. In Turkey, you will also see beautiful handmade carpets and pottery. It is my recommended souvenir to bring for your family or friends. To travel Turkey from Western to Eastern, it is far from each other, so you can either rent a car to drive about 6 hours or by plane for 2 hours. We used CostSaver travel agent to utilize our trip, with Tolga as our guide. Their service is very satisfying and Tolga is also very reliable and trusty guide you can meet!

In case you want to know further from the recommendation I mentioned above, just feel free to contact me I put on the contact section! What about you? do you have other things you like to recommend for me? 🙂

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