My Curriculum Vitae and How I React

I love making Curriculum Vitae.

It’s an unusual pleasure, but it’s true.

From the first time I started applying job, I refused to make my own Curriculum Vitae (CV) using any template from internet. I rather utilize my designing skill using Photoshop to make my CV more attractive and not too traditional. Apparently, the process was enjoyable. I enjoy recalling what skills and achievements I have earned and put it onto my CV attractively. My rule of thumbs is to balance the content density, not too much-not too few- not too confusing-not too ambiguous on the size of A4 paper.  To keep both informative and aesthetic is quiet a challenging process, but also a fun way to groom my skill and evaluate my professional record.

I have already 4 different designs and each of them has reasons why the design and the content changed. The more experience I become, the deeper philosophy the CV design is. In this post, I will share all of my CV I have ever created. Pardon me for showing you some of my outrageous CV earlier designs.

Curriculum Vitae 2012 Version


My very first CV is designed when I wanted to apply an internship. I wanted to make an impression of fun, creative, talented and skillful. The attempt successfully got attention from the recruiter in Philips Healthcare and ASML. I got direct compliment from the ASML HR. I was very proud of my own CV, HOWEVER, now I feel totally embarrassed by looking at it again. I did not have any professional experiences or official certificates, so basically I put everything including attended seminar (wtf I was doing! *facepalm*) to make myself employable. The choice of colors is inspired by Kate Spade. The colorful heading was supposed to make the ‘fun impression’, but now I find it tacky and childish. It is excusable when you are applying for designing job, but when you are working for engineering company, goddammit younger-self-Stella this is very embarrassing.  Fortunately, I realized this soon enough, so I made another improvement on the next version. 

Curriculum Vitae 2013 Version


Still using the same body as the previous design. Only, I made it a little bit modest. I decided to have two complimentary colors. The reason I choose Turquoise as the background color is because I thought the color bring calm to the viewer. It is also my favorite color. Obviously I wanted my authenticity got acknowledged which I find it lack of professionalism.

The instant brush of flower bud as the decoration is utterly ugly and distorted. I used to think it is beautiful, but now it is not. I might get convicted for crime to using someone else’s brush without permission. 

Anyway on the personal detail, I did not put purposefully my gender, birthday, nationality and photo. The reason is because I tried to reduce the possibility of being rejected because of my native background since racism and sexism still occur in the Netherlands. 

Curriculum Vitae 2014 Version


Finally, for the first time I made my CV vertically designed. Believe it or not, I used the previous design as the backbone. Basically, this Curriculum Vitae is the same one from 2012 version.

This version is finally being reviewed by my mentor in University. She is old fashioned, very strict, but her explanatory is always reasonable. She was the one who inspires me to add my photo into the Curriculum Vitae. “If the company is not able to accept from where you are, what your gender is, how old you are, that means the company does not deserve you.” Since then, I am very confident on putting my photo into the CV. She reminded me to carefully choose the photo. “Choose one with the best resolution, and please, the very recent one. With a proper clothing, with a neutral background and if you can find one with your face smiling, it will give even better impression.” I actually did not have a photo like that. I was very an insecure girl back then. I wanted to add photo which I feel beautiful and not fat. The only photo I feel so, was my Japan vacation photo. So I cropped my sister and my mom out from the photo and pasted it on the CV. Luckily, my mentor approved the photo, “I thought your bra is showing here, but it was my poor sight fault. It was beautiful photo.” Hence, that becomes my photo.

She also improved the content by sorting what to add and what to remove, fixed the grammar error and the structure. Including my nationality and birthday, which were my earlier concern. This time, I have some working experiences which I replaced it with the ‘attended seminar’. I also added interest. I used to think it is too personal and irrelevant, until my mentor said “People sometimes are interested to know what kind of person you are by looking at your hobby.” So be it.

Anyway, this is the CV I sent when I applied internship in 2M Engineering, Honeywell and Garuda Maintance Facility Aeroasia.

Curriculum Vitae 2016 Version


This is my latest CV design which I sent to the HR on my current company. I started to be more general and direct on presenting myself. I changed the photo with more neutral background that emphasizes my face. Still under the influences of the previous version. I really like the color I choose. It is not too bland but relaxing to be seen. Many of my friends requested me to design their CV, which I gladly do it for free. It becomes another pleasure to contribute my friends on getting the career they want. 🙂

I personally think the content is still too dense. There are some outdated contents such as technical skills, I could replace with more important and relevant achievements.

Maybe the latest CV is not fully representing my recent career state, however I am very satisfied with the improvement I made after 4 years of working. I got acceptance and rejection by many company and these CV took a part on it. Nonetheless, no matter how the content and the design keep changing, I owe all of my CV for leading me to the career I want.

So, will this be my last CV or there will be a new one?

Let see within this 2 years.

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