My very first post in 2020. 3-months late, but I think it is not arguably to sum up: early 2020 is tough

This writing will tell you how the current global issue affects us mentally, physically, financially, and emotionally.

By the 1st January 2020, we were celebrating New Year Party with good foods, nice people, Netflix and light rain. We never knew, the rain would continuously pour our city until it drowned some area in Jakarta. Damaging and Killing people massively.

While we thought we had too much water in our city, we watched on TV news our neighbor, Australia, had too few water to sooth the bushfire. “The size of fire can burn the entire Netherlands.” that illustrated how bad it is according to my friend, Siobhan. It killed many Koalas and other unfortunate animals.

Now, 5th March 2020, Coronavirus cases have reached 95,334, resulting 3,285 Deaths and currently have 38,408 active cases. I have been monitoring Worldometer like checking weather forecast, hoping the case doesn’t increase.

Our plan, habit and priority are changing. While we are still struggling to survive from the flood, we are also challenged to be aware of Corona Virus. Everybody has trust issue. We are skeptical in our government ability to diagnose the virus or prepare enough drill. Especially after the president announced 2 cases of Corona Virus in Indonesia. Furthermore, the impacts of this announcement caused even more ruckus. People start hoarding large quantities of food and other daily needs, especially hygienic products such as mask and hand sanitizer. The price of commodities increase 60% higher than the normal price. My worst nightmare is media invade the house of those 2 persons who are infected by Corona Virus as if confidentiality has no value anymore. Their home address, their photo, their names are spread through media and forwarded through Whatsapp chat. Gossips created false speculation and it impacts the victim mentally.

As for me, a small cough due to dry throat after eating spicy food and the heat in my body caused by the chili caused me enough paranoia. I started to distrust my own health. I also started to doubt everybody’s hygiene. I wash my hands with soap and sprayed myself with hand sanitizer intensively than usual.

Actually, I am quiet privileged to get the trust-worthy update and knowledge in more detail earlier from my sister and her friends who are professionally studying Virology in Rotterdam. I solemnly follow her advice. However, I cannot trust people surround me able to maintain their hygiene as much as the advice. So this feeling of worry does not get better. I really miss the day where we can go anywhere without having fear, planning activities for the next 5 months and working normally. 2020 is still long way to end and I don’t know what else could go wrong in this world.

Let’s fight this together. Follow this instruction from WHO, remind your family and friends too.

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