Coronavirus Pandemic Journal-March 2020

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This is one of the most suffocating situation I ever had after riot in May 1998.

Waking up to check the number of active cases, number of Death, latest update from WHO and National Health Ministry, check out our family and friends condition.

So, I tried to get my common sense again. Evaluating what has gone through, what myths and facts I have learned, what sources are useful, what I must do. For more scientific detail, I leave it to the experts. Luckily I have sister who is taking PhD in Virology, I can get reliable source and consult directly to her and her colleagues.

Coronavirus Pandemic in Indonesia Timeline

The following timeline is the summary of Coronavirus highlighted events occurred in Indonesia, specifically in Jakarta.


Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a new virus which resulting the infected person commonly experiences high fever, dry cough, difficulty breathing. People with COVID-19 may be sick with the virus for 1 to 14 days before developing symptoms. People with medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes or heart disease has higher risk to get serious COVID-19. The first case of this COVID-19 started in Wuhan, Cina on December. Coronavirus Cases has spread to 195 countries and reached around 381,000 cases with number of deaths around 16,000.

The best approach to reduce the spread is by:

  • Practicing social-distancing, which you stay at home and avoid meeting other people.
  • Keep checking your body temperature health and report immediately to the Coronavirus-cases-assigned hospitals in case you are suffering similar symptoms.
  • If you have cough, wear mask and practice coughing etiquette.
  • Wash and sanitize your hands frequently.
  • Additionally, dispose used tissues and wash your clothes immediately after wearing it to public places.

For further detail, you can view the cases by country through this link.

For asking more about the virus, you can whatsapp to WHO you can directly contact through this link.

Personal Opinion

My biggest disappointment with Indonesian Government how arrogant they were to underestimate Coronavirus pandemic, even when it was rising sky-rocketed in Singapore and Malaysia. It is very common that people travel from Indonesia to Singapore and vice versa.  It is 80% probability this occurrence likely to happen. Of course, we should not panic to react to Coronavirus. We do not need to hoarding commodities excessively or wearing mask too often. Just follow the instruction that has been made officially by WHO. However, verifying the circulating Coronavirus-related news as hoax or truth, instead limiting public events or campaigning social-distancing, are the biggest sign that our Health Minister is failing on anticipating the pandemic. By the time Singapore had confirmed first cases of Coronavirus, which was on 24 January 2020, our government should be able to anticipate the issue earlier by postponing some events and reducing the amounts of flights. Unfortunately, this idea just started after we have several number of cases in mid-March. Even 1 week later after WHO announced Coronavirus as pandemic. Finally, we become the country with highest death rate in Asia.

Secondly, I am bitterly disturbed by an unethical behavior of our Health Minister for unable to protect the identity of two first-Coronavirus cases patients, and let it stirred through whatsapp chat and public media. Causing false gossip about them that affecting the patients themselves mentally.

Am I overreact to Coronavirus too much? I know genuinely that there are more dangerous pandemics than Coronavirus. The drill is relatively easy to do. However, underestimating the pandemic may become a potential thread to our economy. As you can see, the strength of Rupiah becomes the weakest currency among in Asia and this may lead to recession.

Ergo, my message for you, if your surroundings are unable to cooperate, be smarter and follow the guide from WHO. Stop trusting forwarded information from whatsapp group and start reading more about the virus from certified research.

You may be at the privileged group of lower-risk COVID-19, but you are responsible to your parents, your grandparents, your teachers, your colleagues and your friends’ health.

Stay at home.



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