Lego Braille Bricks- Imagine and Speak with Blocks

Lego Braille Bricks (c) Lego Official

While 2020 has not been getting better for more than 6 months, getting more crisis and more sickness, Let’s take a moment of appreciation to Lego for bring back a good thing.

Who couldn’t love Lego?
It’s a pile of blocks that give you freedom to build three-dimensional figure based on your imagination.
Its color is captivating, its mechanism is simple.
You can build castle, you can build Death Star.
Lego brings joy, togetherness, and creativity to all people at any ages. Who couldn’t love Lego?

kids with blindness can also join to play Lego!
Come and take a look at this uber cool Lego braille official website:

The standard Lego bricks have 4 or 6 dots aligned in square or rectangle and embossed on its top surface, Lego braille bricks have braille-shaped dots embossed on its surface. The braille represents the color, number or letter that is printed on the top surface. This allows people with vision impairment and blindness not only building figure, but also communicate, play games or even making stories using the blocks!

How? Take one of the examples, the blocks have different color, letter and shape. The creator can make two (or more) butterflies with different colored blocks as wings and introduce it as two unique characters during story telling. Of course this is just a simple game, there are actually more fun games using Lego Braille Bricks. Just browse on its official web for more games.

The blocks are still only available in few countries. Let show them our interest and love on the bricks and hopefully they are considering to sell the bricks in your country so we can play along with our brothers, sisters, children or friends. 🙂

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