Writing like Nobody’s Reading

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For whom are you writing?

Do you care the quality of your journal content?
Do you care the reader’s reaction to your post?
Does it bother you if it contains harsh language or offensive/sensitive topics?

Back then, when I was 7 years old, I have a diary with a tiny lock on it. There is nothing confidential about my writing. It is mostly about my dogs, my friends, my sister, toys and dolls I love. Nothing was a gossip. Nobody taught me about privacy, but I instinctively protect my diary from someone else. I find the lock is very effective on doing its work. But today, nobody needs it.

Fast forward to 2004, the rise of internet was rising. The habit of writing is changing too. People no longer write their daily life in paper. They write it in computer and many of them make it visible to public.

When people published their journal online, it means they show everything about themselves. About their opinion on something about their choice, about their personality, about their life, about what they know. On the bright side, people learn a lot about the writer. They respect the courage on writing something controversial, they enjoy the story, they love his/her real charisma, they learn things from his/her career and experience. But those who hate the writer will sabotage him/her: Tell to shut up, invade privacy, criticizing the writing or harassed them.

The latter side effect of writing online may lead to demotivation on writing. You suddenly in need to change your writing style, only not to offend someone or to embarrass yourself. Until finally, you read things that does not represent your true self. Wisdom and lesson I had in my mind that might be smart, wise and potentially inspiring are slowly forgotten.

I just recently read an autobiography of my relative. At the age of 83, he wrote about his youth with my great-grandmother and his siblings. His grammar is not perfect. He shared story that is quiet embarrassing. Nonetheless, who cares. As a reader, I am impressed and entertained by his originality. His love to his childhood memory is shown through his writing. He was writing like nobody’s reading. The way he writes his stories, is how I want mine to be recorded. Just simply following my current emotional state.

After all of this, I started to gain motivation, courage and confidence on writing. Maybe I will be embarrassed by grammar mistake, false information and story I made, but I could imagine, I will regret even more if I never write. I don’t want slowly forgetting who I was, how I have become and letting a gap growing in my memory between my childhood memories and present life.

For whom are you writing?
I write for myself.
Take it or leave it, like it or not.

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