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You’ll Only Eat Once

When you travel to new places, foods can become part of your best memory from the trip.
You still remember its taste and its texture.
The best meal you had becomes your new comfort food.
Sometimes, their location is difficult to trace back.
Or sometimes the shop closed permanently,
Or maybe their recipe is changed,
Sometimes, when you tried foreign restaurants in your current location,
it is never as good and authentic as the one you tried on travel.
Thus once you travel, make sure you tried the best local cuisine,
because you’ll only eat once.

Warning: This post contains food pictures that might make you feel hungry and mouth watered. Make sure you are well-fed while reading this post.

I am going to share you some foods I tried from few of my previous travel, that I hope you got the chance to try when you travel to that places.


Sacher Torte, Photo by Stella

Beside of its majestic view and home of Mozart, when you travel to Salzburg Austria, it is home of chocolate cake Sacher Torte. If you are a chocolate lover, Sacher Torte is a must must must must must must try in Salzburg, Austria. This is the famous dark chocolate cake with Apricot jam filling and mouse as its topping, it gives fruity and bitter-sweet chocolate combination so it is neither too sweet nor too sour. This cake also has interesting story, it is invented by Franz Sacher, he was previously making this cake for Sacher hotel when he still worked as chef in that hotel. The recipe is highly confidential. As he moved to Demel pastry shop, he improvised the recipe that the cake layers that were originally two, become only one layer. Hence, it becomes a competition between two Sacher Torte under the same inventor.

I tried the one on the Sacher Hotel and never try on Demel pastry shop. I always claim this is the best Sacher Torte I ate. My fiancé said otherwise. He prefers the one on Demel pastry shop. Either way, I am sure those are the only best Sacher Torte you must try. There are many souvenir shops starting to sell Sacher Torte. Although the same concept, the taste is never the same as the one in Sacher Hotel or Demel.

Sacher Torte booklet when you purchase the cake, photo by Stella
Hotel Sacher address, photo by Stella

During my trip, it was difficult to get local cuisine. It is due to the tourist demand on western foods such as Pizza, steak, and deep-fried food. When you travel to Tanzania, make sure you tried their Chicken Stew with Ugali. Ugali is a type of maize flour porridge in Africa. It is formed into solid cake, just like Indonesian Lontong. The way you eat it just like eating rice in Asian restaurant. The stew’s sauce is a mix of pepper-spicy and salty taste. This meal indeed reminds me of my home country food where eating ayam dengan nasi, that instantly becomes one of my comfort food. This meal I eat, is at Arusha Tanzania nearby the airport. I’m sorry that I forgot to take note its location 🙁

Chicken stew with Ugali, photo by Stella
Closer look of glorious Chicken Stew with Ugali, photo by Stella

Also, if you a beer lover, another thing that you should try in Tanzania is Banana beer. As suggested by its name, this beer has smell of banana. So it it very refreshing with sweet touch. I am not sure where else you can find Banana beer as good as Kibho!

Kibho Banana Beer, photo by Stella

When you hear Turkish food, what are the first things you remember? Dürüm? Kebab? what else? Yes, those are famous Turkish foods you always get in Turkish Restaurant. But when you are visiting Turkey, there are other foods that you should try too! The first food I miss from my travel to Turkey is Mado, ice cream. In this ice cream salon, you will find exotic flavors such as banana, peanut, melon, orange and more! Mado ice cream is made of goat’s milk, thus its texture is very silky, slightly denser compare to Italian gelato, but softer than average ice cream that feels so good when you lick it!

Mado Ice Cream, photo by Stella

Frankly speaking, I am not a fan of Turkish dessert. Most of their desserts are too sweet for me. Such as Baklava. I understand, they make it very sweet to compliment the tea. For me, when I have to choose my own Turkish Dessert, I would rather eat their yoghurt with honey and poppy seed. Its creamy texture with poppy seed gives tickling feeling in your mouth. As a fan of sour dessert, this meal is my perfect match.

Turkish Yogurt with Honey and Poppy Seed, photo by Stella

If you are looking for Halal or Kosher food in Finland, make sure you did a good research because most of the foods in Finland consist of reindeer meat, bear meat, and salmon. In Finland, they breed reindeer just like cow or lamb for transportation and for food. I tried both reindeer meat and bear meat. Personally, I prefer reindeer meat, because bear meat it too smelly and rough. The texture of Reindeer meat is almost like goat meat, but it is less smelly. Usually, reindeer meat is combined with Lingonberry. It is very tasty as it is a combination of saltiness from reindeer meat and sweet-sour from Lingonberry.

Reindeer meat with Lingonberry and mash potato, Photo by Stella

Finnish desserts are my favorite, because it contains all things I like so much: chocolate, cinnamon, ginger, and mint. One of my favorite dessert, which I forgot to take its picture, is ginger donut. It is the best dessert in winter! Also, for beverage, you should try glögi. It taste like tea with German’s Gluhwein. My sister and I jokingly called it alcoholic tea. Suitable for people who don’t like tea but love alcohol.

Photo from MamaBake

There are more foods I still remember from my trips, I will mention it later on future post.
Sorry, did I make you hungry already?

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