Favorite Art Supplies Haul

Visiting Art Shop is one of my biggest guilty pleasure.

Even when I am travelling, I visit the local art supplies store during spare time, satisfying the desire to buy or try art supplies that are not sold in my country. I could stay for hours, testing while reading the review. Choosing art supplies is always tricky. It might not have the same shade or the same texture or the same transparency we need for our current drawing. Some art shops are generous enough to allow the customers to try on the product before purchasing. But sometimes, the sample is not enough to answer our dilemma. Other than a question “Is it worth the money?”, there are questions we processed meticulously during deciding to purchase the item:
I collected Copic. Does the ink will trace the paper on the next page? Will I like the paper texture?
Does the paper easily shed if I rub it with eraser?”
Will this color compliment the color on my current drawing?”
Many questions run through our head, simply because we don’t want the paint finally left unused and dried just because the color does not have sufficient transparency we need for our current drawing.

Before considering to purchase art supplies, there are some advices I would like to share:
1. If you are not an avid artist, don’t buy. Borrow from your artist friends who are willing to share.
2. It is safer to visit the art store directly than purchasing online, so you can try the texture, the transparency. Sometimes, the description on the internet is not informative enough. Unless, if you know the product already and confidence enough to buy, then go ahead.

After trying so many art products, I could name some of the products that I like so much that I wish I knew this product earlier.

Potentate Kraft Paper Sketch Book

I love the result of my drawing in a toned paper sketchbook. It always makes the drawings look so vintage! The plus side of this book, the thickness is generous. Usually toned paper books contains only 60 papers or less, which is not enough for people who is capable to make hundred of sketches.

However, this is not the best quality brown paper. As you rub it with eraser, the paper is easily damaged. Furthermore, the paper is not thick enough, that it easily curls due to the damp produced by the sweat on my palm. It is OK for sketching, but I don’t recommend to give your friend a sketch gift using Potentate Kraft Paper because of its poor representation. In conclusion, I am not going to purchase this book again as soon as this book is fully used. I am taking a consideration to try Hahnemühle or Strathmore, although I might need to buy it through my sister or my friends who lives abroad where provides more art supplies. What do you think, guys? Do you have better recommendation for a toned paper sketchbook?


No. This isn’t a stationery. This is just an apps. I personally prefer traditional art than digital art. To me, digital art is ‘cheating’ and less-challenging. It allows you to undo your accidental stroke or modify the color in the middle of process. However, digital art is important for neat design such as logo, presentation layout and infographics. So I try to befriend to digital art and master it in order to make my presentation visually appealing.

At first, I tried to avoid on purchasing Procreate and find gratis alternatives. One time, I tried this apps on Apple Store (I owe an apology to the retail worker for pretending to be interested on IPad and sneakily using the IPad to try the apps without purchasing). So I finally uninstalled apps from Adobe and installed Procreate. Apparently, it was the best decision ever. I tried other apps such as Adobe Draw, Autodesk Sketchbook, Fresco and more. What I like about Procreate is how intuitive it is and has so many brushes compare to other drawing apps. This app may not be free, but it is worth it, because you only pay once and don’t need to pay for the in-app purchasing or make annual subscription that usually generate more costs.

Pentel Orenz 0.2mm Mechanical Pencil

If you are new into sketching, means zilch experience in using graphite or charcoal, I advise you to master your hand control with 2B pencil first. Graphite and Charcoal tend to be more pricey. Many art supplies store sell a complete pencil set from 2H to 9B or sometimes sketching collection like Derwent which includes graphite pencil, charcoal, and even rubber. As I far as I know, there are no set contains 2B mechanical pencil with different size of leads. In making human portrait, 1 mm can make a total difference! There are too many standard 2B pencils but few of them have smaller lead diameter. I tried to make a detail on human eyes and it is so difficult to make tiny detail thus I finally browsed this pencil online and decided to buy 0.2mm mechanical pencil.

So far, this is the only 0.2 mm mechanical pencil I could find in Indonesia, hence I could not make comparison to any other 0.2 mm mechanical pencil. I wish I could find with more comfortable grip. However, I am finally attached to this pencil in every portrait sketch. Making detail in eyes becomes much more easier!

Art Philosophy Watercolor Confections (Vintage Pastels)

Whether it is set of liquid watercolor or tube watercolor or pan watercolor, most of them contain only basic colors. In order to get softer color, we need to buy the watercolor tube separately and it is prone to give poor combination to our existing collections. This Watercolor Confections from Art Philosophy, contains Vintage Pastels that covers our need on softer shades. Aside of its unique color palette, look at those gorgeous packaging! This is the most beautiful watercolor set I’ve ever seen! It even gives a paper for color swatch!

Other than Vintage Pastels, you might be interested with their other color palette. This watercolor set is ideal to add more colors into your collection without redundancy.

These are my favorite art supplies haul, you might see my creations using those products on my Gallery. If you have more recommendations or tips and trick, just drop it on the comment section!

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