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My Reading (habit) Goal

As year is changing, there is always a reminder to set goal you want to achieve in a year.
Including Goodreads.

“Want to read more in 2021? Create a goal and Goodreads will help you stay on track.”

It says.

As a regular user of Goodreads apps, I get used with Goodreads’ yearly message to set the number of books I want to read in a year, like the number of kilograms you want to reduce in your weight. Which makes me immediately pondered How people are so obsessed with number. Why people are so obsessed with number? As if the value of person is measured by the number of books they read. I am sorry, but reading five erotic books or conspiracy books, doesn’t make you more intellectually sophisticated than those who reads one classic book such as War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t criticize Goodreads for asking people to set their reading goal. I believe they have genuine purpose to motivate people on reading more. I just personally think it might actually demotivate people. I know there is a mother who has two child, wanting to read 20 books in a year. But in the end, she doesn’t even manage to read newspaper because of her tight schedule taking care of her child. And it makes her feel embarrassed.

It is getting usual to see book recommendations appear on my Facebook and Goodreads newsfeed. My weakness is how easily I am to get attracted by a premise and ended up disappointed finding out the book is not as good as it is retold by its premise because of the poor delivery or bland ending. My other weakness is how easily I trust Goodreads rating and book club’s recommendation. And finally got my time, money and bookshelves space wasted and got nothing. My rule of thumb is that book (or even TV) should be either educating or entertaining. If a book has none of those aspects, I pass. So, I finally create my own reading (habit) goal that I want to achieve within two years (Yes. Two years. There is one point below that hints why I need longer period to achieve my reading goal). This reading (habit) goal is created based on my own evaluation on my reading habit from previous year. Here is my version of reading (habit) goal I want to improve:

Taiko by Eiji Yoshikawa
De Kleine Johannes by Frederik van Eeden
The Inventions, Researches, and Writing of Nikola Tesla

Knowing that I might be reading some other books that is not classified as one of the points mentioned above, I tolerate myself to achieve at least 3 from those points in a year. (The rest of them are saved for the next 2-years) In total, I want to read at least 10 books. Not an impressive number, especially to achieve in two years. but I don’t care.
The goal I have set seems right, reasonable, attainable and realistic.

If I fail to reach the goal, I will grant the consequence by whipping myself with belt. Just Kidding, lol.

This is just my personal reading goal, you don’t need to agree or follow it, of course. I rather suggest you to create your own version of reading goal. If putting number on Goodreads is effective on helping you to achieve your reading goal, then go for it. My only message from this post is: “Read book like you drink tea. No matter how fast or how slow the pace you need, you are at peace.”

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