All is Well

White is the color of this year for us.
It’s a color of grief, it’s a color of innocence.
It’s color of new life. There is a significant thin line between birth and death as a new life.
White is a mixture of all colors as life is a mixture of all kind of emotions through many events with inner peace in idleness.

Through many things that happened this year, I learn it’s no longer about “self”. It’s time for “share”. As my youth is about self-enrichment, self-actualization, self-esteem, self-etc, the word self- may lead to comparison and competition. What for?

While I am starting the age of 30’s, the age of physically and financially sufficient, our surroundings might be starting to lose their strength and their privilege. And there are people who are so young and little, need our guidances. I am reaching the year where I want to share what I have to help people to find theirs.

If you want time, share your time for others.

You don’t like cook, cook for those who can’t.

You don’t pray, pray with them for them.

Learn together,
Explore together,
Grow together,
Life together.

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