Dear people, stop romanticizing everything!

Luca (c) Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

I’ve just watched Disney Pixar’s Luca. Finally a very relaxing cartoon without celebrity voice actors, complicated story or deep moral messages. It is just anew story about two young sea monsters who are curious about land and obsess with Vespa. Awwww *rubbing chest*

While the story itself reminds me how cartoon used to be innocent, these adult viewers cannot stop criticizing Disney for being afraid to use the film as first LGBT+ theme movie. By observing the duration of their skin contact, they are sure Luca and Alberto are more than just friends. Potentially homosexual.

Firstly, they are Sea Monsters. Probably, they inject sperm to water to reproduce. Sea Monster can be bisexual, asexual or others. Secondly, for God’s sake, they are just a bunch of kids, you pedo psycho! It is unnecessary to pair him to Alberto or even to Giulia. Leave them alone!

This isn’t happening first time, I also remember when Frozen 2 trailer circulates in internet, many viewer noticed a new mysterious female character and they were so excited to see her as the love interest for Elsa. Just because her sister, Anna is finally married to Kristoff, it does not make Elsa lonely and in need to be paired to someone. Elsa is a strong and independent woman. She is capable to live without man or woman.

As the awareness to representation in Children’s movie is rising: there are more feminism, racial and cultural diversity, LGBT+ representation is also starting to rise in American Children Movie. Sorry American, but Asian has started this earlier. We have Sailor Moon and there is Cardcaptor Sakura (Let’s ignore for a while the relationship between a teacher and primary student in the manga that is beyond problematic). But okay. I appreciate your effort to diverse representation in media.

Not that I despise LGBT+ in cartoon. I adore Haruka Tenoh and Michiru Kaio from Sailor Moon since age 5. Which the youngest age I was exposed to LGBT+. To me, Haruka and Michiru should be a model of every relationship even for heterosexual couple. They respect each other, their strengths compliment each others, they protect each others, and they are both elegant and graceful together. Another notable LGBT+ couple I adore so much is Princess Bubblegum and Marceline in Adventure Time. Although they were initially meant to be rivals, kudos to the writer, they are developing a natural intimacy between them that finally forming them into a power couple.

What I hate about the situation is on how people cannot stop romanticizing everybody that causing discomfort. As if people MUST be paired to someone. Somehow it reminds me when I was in junior high school. Suddenly one of my classmates asked me “whom the boy I like”. To which I replied, there wasn’t any boys I like. Sure there are some of them who are cute, funny, smart and talented, but it is not enough to make me like them romantically or maybe sexually. Back then, when you don’t have boy you like, you are assumed as Lesbian. My tomboyish appearance and my decision to continue to study in All-Girl school make them even certain to their assumption. Not that I am offended being labeled as Lesbian, but there wasn’t any girl I was interested romantically and sexually too. At age 13 to 20, where many of my friends are starting to have interest on opposite sex, I did not have any interest in both girls and boys. Apparently, to many people at that time, girl supposed to like boy and boy supposed to like girl. You must imagine girl and boy who are hanging out together are instantly assumed to have romantic relationship, even only for casual play date. How uncomfortable it was being shipped to everybody I’m closed with, Thanks to my shallow surroundings.

This month, Utada Hikaru just announced themselves as non-binary. Earlier before, Demi Lovato, who previously announced themselves as pan sexual, also announced as non-binary. Today, they are a lot of definition about human’s gender and sexuality. Now, go back to Luca and slightly to my personal case I experienced. Luca was age-what? 11 maybe and I was age 13 when you question my sexuality. These ages are the beginning of self-discovery and exploration. If you already owned it, Good for you! But if someone hasn’t, leave them alone! Sexuality is complex, just like human’s personality. It takes time and experience to discover your own nature. You can like man or woman or both or none. And it is the normal thing already, read more and educate yourself about it!

So, people, stop developing romance among kids (or everybody)!

Let them play, explore, discover, grow up naturally.

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