Safari in Pencil pt. 2

First of all, I owe you apologize for poor quality. I really in need of good scanner and good handwriting skill.
The following sketches are based on my and my dad’s photographs and my personal notes while travelling. There are some animals from Tanzania, Finland and Rotterdam zoo, Diergaarde Blijdorp and partly from other sources for additional information.

I will slightly explain what I wrote for better reading.

This is my most interesting animal to learn about, Finnish Forest Reindeer becomes most important breed in Scandinavian countries. It is majorly used for transportation and food. Every family creates ear marking to identify the reindeer as their belonging. The system used for marking the ear is called Mearkaoalli. As the next generation of the family will continue the breed of the reindeer, the ear marking will be almost similar to the previous generation’s reindeer but with additional minor cut.

Mearkaoalli System describes how each generation of the family designs the earmark for their reindeer. Picture taken at Siida, Museum Inari

This is a comparison between Black Rhinoceros and White Rhinoceros. The obvious difference is on the tip of its mouth. The Black Rhinoceros has pointy mouth almost like a beak. White Rhinoceros has square mouth. The shape of their mouth is more obvious if you see from front.

Seen in Diergaarde Blijdorp, Rhinoceros Iguana has different shape compare to green Iguana which is often seen as domestic pet. Rhinoceros Iguana has thorn on its nose and used as armor just like how Rhinoceros uses their horns.

And this is my weakest drawing ever, I am still practicing to draw cats and dogs. Their coat makes me barely distinguish their facial muscles.

The next animals are still in progressed, but hope you enjoy my collection of animal sketches! Let me know if there is animal you wish me to draw on comment section!

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