Dear 2011-me

Dear 2011-me,

I just looked at the picture of you,
and it drives me to write this letter.
Here I am. Your 10-years-older self.

I may be older than you,
but I don’t want you to expect I am wiser and better than you.

Becoming adult means you are too young to not take risk,
but you are also too old to make mistakes.

Today, everything must be according to plan, measurement and worst scenarios.
It is not necessarily bad. It has to be so.

We may be the same person with the same body and same core.
But I wish I have the qualities that you have.
Looking at you makes me realized how I miss spontaneity.
I admire how you see World without any negativity,
I admire your sincerity,
I admire your courage.
There are friends who tell me what you did in the past that I don’t even remember.
I am glad I was told about it.

I always say I am what I read, meet, and see.
I blindly ignore the process you are making.

You try to understand and adapt,
you endure pains,
you take challenges,
you avoid misdeeds,
you protect other’s feeling,
you are faithful to what and who you love.
You try everything tirelessly,
I give credits so much to books, places, people, experiences, music, and education,
but I never give my respect to all efforts you made.
So, I am writing this letter to Thank You for making me proud of who I have become

I never say this to you so I want you to know: I love you.
Don’t feel bad about being loved by yourself.
This does not mean we are self-obsessed.
I just want you to believe we are worthy of love as much as your friends and family.

I don’t have anything I want to change from you.
I trust you know what you must do although it takes time.
I know you are inexperienced in love, choices and life, but it is not your fault.
That’s what I live for. To achieve what you haven’t.

Let’s live this life together to make our another-ten-years self proud of who we are.

P.S: Prepare yourself, there will be some downs in your life,
but there will be a lot of ups, so it will be OK.

2011-me in Giethoorn

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