Gender equality becomes one of the goal in United Nation Sustainable Development Goal, nonetheless the value is still misunderstood.

Women’s body functions differently from men. The average volume of women’s blood is even less men’s. Our shape is completely different. And that is totally natural.

The only unnatural thing that most women experience is the different in accessing to sources, opportunities and services.

All women deserve respect, health, and safety.

Supporting women’s equality means providing place where women can feel safe walking alone at night.

Supporting women’s equality means stop normalizing child marriage and let them pursuing education.

Supporting women’s equality means improving health facilities for menstrual health, pregnancy, breast cancers, and ovarian cancer.

Supporting women’s equality means punishing rapist instead of forcing marriage.

Supporting women’s equality means validating their feeling, opinion and voices without attacking them.

Supporting women’s equality is a form of loving your wife, mother, and sisters.

Happy International Women’s Equality!

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