Chess Diary: Finally 1200!

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As an amateur and self learner chess player, I am proud of myself for finally reaching 1200 chess rating! I know for the expert, this is average, but need to be reminded, back in March 2020, I reached 600 and very embarrassed on my drastic fall. I have been playing chess since age 13. It has become my regular hobby, but I don’t have friend who shares similar interest in chess, so I played with computer. During my college life, I have more friends (especially boys) to play chess with. They are more difficult to play with than with computer. In my internship at GMF AeroAsia, I even met two chess player friends that are professional level. They occasionally joined Japfa Chess Club competition and won the match. Befriended with them is my greater opportunity to learn more. And finally, I diligently play chess in that I can analyze my game and practice. In 2020, the pandemic locks us in a confinement, means the best thing to do when you are at home with strong internet connection: Play Chess. Later, Netflix’s Queen Gambit was viral and incident in a match between GothamChess and Dewa Kipas, people started to get interested in playing chess. I was quite lucky, to being match with new player, it helps me improve my rating. Fast forward, I am finally rising from 600 to 1200 rating in two years of self learning! I aimed to reach 1200 on the previous year, but finally got it this year, then I expect it takes 2 years to get rating increased doubled. This time, my goal is to reach 1400 within 2 years. Wish me luck!

To commemorate my achievement, I show you some of the games that is quiet memorable for me.

Please ignore my global rank, I am invisible to Hikaru Nakamura and Magnus Carlsen, but please adore my rating graph *puppy eyes*

Near Lost Experience

This game, I was obviously in crisis after making blunder move on the eighth move, that finally opponent’s Queen moved to b2. Luckily, opponent made blunder move later, so table turned, he resigned, I win.

Not so Easy Game

This is one of the game I play after turning 1200, obviously the opponent is very experienced. I won the game, but I must admit this is one of the most difficult match I have been encountered.

And you,

if you love play chess and have account, let’s play with me, StellaSono!

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