“Beyond Her Sight” (C) 2011 StellaSono 

Can you see what she saw through the looking glass?


“Bricks for Charity” (C) 2011 StellaSono 

Bricks given for random passerby in Prague. We can tell their prayers from the choice of the paint and stroke.


“Black Widow” (C) 2011 StellaSono

Taken at the same spot as “Beyond Her Sight”. Still cannot manage to tell the location? I might be a criminal for taking a picture of a model posing for another photograph, but I do really want to immortalize her beauty.


“Open Happiness” (C) 2011 StellaSono

Dance until your knees surrender. 🙂



“Sunrise Ring” (C) 2011 StellaSono 

Light illuminated from her acrobatic circle radiates her natural elegance.


“Ballerina Tower” (C) 2011 StellaSono 

Another sculpture taken at Vienna.


“Richest Taste” (C) 2011 StellaSono 

On making of Trdelnik-traditional Czech hot sweet pastry baked on a stick like satay and often sold in the streets of Prague. This one is taken at a Castle. It should have the richest ingredients 😀



“Star of David” (C) 2011 StellaSono 

The title already explains itself 🙂


“The Greatest” (C) 2011 StellaSono 

A statue standing solo during blue hour, suddenly  the ivory marble turns into gold.


“Zero Gravity” (C) 2011 StellaSono 

Art made by a student in the Netherlands for Eindhoven Glow Project. A credit to whom I fail to record his/her name.



“Be OK” (C) 2011 StellaSono 

This is Nisa. A positive radiance always surround her smile.


“Character Shoes” (C) 2011 StellaSono

This picture is taken when I was visiting Budapest. I was invited to dance with the folk dancer. It was nice and warm evening. Character shoes is a dance shoes which is designed like a common high heels, but allows foot to flex. The strap is to adjust the size. The heel part normally less than 5 cm, capable to create ’tap’ voice if the dance stomps it to floor. Often used for ballet or tap dance.